Architectural and Landscape Review is a very important component of keeping the design intent and appeal of Portico. The Covenants for our Association include a section on the Architectural Review Process and the Design Review Committee (DRC). This requirement of the Covenants is a service provided by the Association to review all improvements to the home, other structures and landscaping on the lot. The types of improvements that need to be approved are listed in the Design Review Committee section of our Covenants.

The Design Review Process: 

1. Owner obtains the Architectural Improvement application from the Management Company. 

2. Owner completes the application, includes all necessary documents, such as plans, paint color swatches, etc., and forwards the application to the Management Company. 

3. The Management Company stamps the date the application was received on the application and the review process begins. 

4. The Management Company will review the application for completeness and covenants control and then forward the application and comments to the DRC Chairman. 

5. The DRC approves or denies the application based on its compliance with the covenants and design guidelines and then forwards the application back to the Management Company. The DRC may not knowingly approve an item that is specifically prohibited in the Covenants. 

6. The Management Company tracks when the review process was completed and forwards decision to the homeowner. 

7. The property manager should inspect the improvement upon completion to ensure that it was installed as indicated in the DRC application. 

If an improvement is constructed or installed and the owner failed to go through the DRC process, the Association will require the owner to submit an application after-the-fact. In doing so, the Association has record of the improvement and the DRC decision. If the improvement does not comply with the Covenants of the community, and the Association does not take any action on the matter within one year from the date of the installation, the Association loses its right to force compliance with the Covenants. It is important to document such situations in writing, through copies of letters to the homeowners and minutes on discussion held in Board Meetings. 

Overall, the intent of the Architectural Review process is to preserve the quality of life and value of property in the community by assuring that the Covenant requirements are met.